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My family and myself feel Mattie S. Fore handled my case 100%. My charges were taking advantage of the elderly, (my mom and granny ) with whom I lived with for 20 years at one stage of my life. I did not, and would not do anything wrong to them… I was gonna go through trial and all that, but I felt that if the house is all they wanted to drop charges, [it] would save me a lot of court time, and I wouldn't have to worry about jail time, probation. I was fully confident in Mattie, I just didn't want to go through a trial. She (Mattie S Fore) handled everything spectacularly and in the end no jail or probation, and instead of a felony got a petit theft charge. I will recommend (Mattie S Fore) to anyone that needs an extremely thorough and dedicated defense attorney.

– T.E.

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